Sessions rates are $135 and last 45-50 minutes. Currently Meredith is not accepting insurance but can provide a receipt for out-of-network reimbursement. Meredith also offers limited scholarship rates.

Activity Therapy

Developmental growth brings with it new capacities for creativity and reflective thinking, providing children the tools they need to cope with the unique challenges of the preteen and adolescent years.

They are able to express themselves and make sense of their world verbally, but also benefit from creative activities to touch the depth of emotions and challenges that their words cannot express. 

Through both conversation and expressive art activities with a counselor, children may experience a supportive relationship with a caring adult, increase self awareness and acceptance, develop new levels of self responsibility, and discover new ways to relate with parents, family and peers.

Individual Counseling

Life is a journey. Individual counseling can help you make sense of your past, heal in the present, and decide what the future might look like. I believe no one approach to therapy fits everyone; therefore therapy will be focused on your needs, strengths, and motivations. I have experience in attachment theory, systems theory, and person centered and cognitive behavioral theories.

Couples Counseling

We are made to live in connection. As we journey alongside one another in marriage we discover that connection sometimes feels strained or at times even broken. Communication styles, family history , and personal experience all impact how we see one another and operate as a couple. Couples counseling seeks to illuminate ways to communicate, support, and hear each other in new ways creating stronger connections and healing wounds. 

Family Counseling

At times it can be beneficial to have all members of the family present in the counseling process. Through learning the system of the family we can better understand and value each member and the needs of each other. This can lead to new depths of understanding and compassion for each other thus creating a space for connection and harmony in the relationship.