Counseling sessions rates are $135 and last 45-50 minutes. Currently Meredith is not accepting insurance but can provide a receipt for out-of-network reimbursement. Meredith also offers limited scholarship rates.

Meredith also offers grief coaching. Rates for coaching are $100 for a 45 minutes session.

Grief Coaching

Grief coaching is different from counseling in that coaching stays in the ”here and now”. Grief coaching gives you a space to morn, to feel less alone, while gently pointing you towards rebuilding your life after loss. Grief coaching offers support and guidance but does not diagnose or treat past trauma.

Grief is not something that only happens after someone dies. Grief is all around us. We grieve the loss of careers, the loss of friendships, the loss of what we thought our life might look like and yes the loss people in our lives. A grief coach can hold your loss, validate that loss and help you discover ways to rebuild after loss.

Individual Counseling

Life is a journey. Individual counseling can help you make sense of your past, heal in the present, and decide what the future might look like. I believe no one approach to therapy fits everyone; therefore therapy will be focused on your needs, strengths, and motivations. I have experience in attachment theory, systems theory, and person centered and cognitive behavioral theories.

Couples Counseling

We are made to live in connection. As we journey alongside one another in marriage we discover that connection sometimes feels strained or at times even broken. Communication styles, family history , and personal experience all impact how we see one another and operate as a couple. Couples counseling seeks to illuminate ways to communicate, support, and hear each other in new ways creating stronger connections and healing wounds.