Magnificent Grief

What people are saying ….

“In Magnificent Grief , Meredith has gifted her readers with what so many of my counseling clients seek to find in my office; a safe space in which to share their journey, be truly see, and. most importantly, to find hope and healing in the midst of unspeakable pain. With stark honesty sprinkled with a dash of humor that will make you smile through the tears, she beautifully interweaves her own journey with a message of God’s relentless love and rescue in tangible, relatable ways.”

– Kristen Hale LPC

“ One of the best books I’ve ever read on grief. Her book is a reflection on her personal journey. Heart-breaking, gut wrenching, it touches on a deeply personal subject that so many have truly suffered through largely alone or at least misunderstood. But, this book is bigger than even that. This book can teach all us how to manage the grief of life for life is often filled with tragedy, disappointment, loss, and tears. God gives us hope and comfort; and Meredith teaches us how to receive that gift of grace from a loving, cherishing Father.

– Lance Sherer